High Council

The GIMB High Council is an inter-disciplinary representative and consultative body that also provides political backing for the GIMB programme.


  • To improve consistency between national policies connected directly or indirectly to GIMB;
  • To inform the government of the current status and progress made on the GIMB objectives;
  • To seek opportunities to collaborate with other partners;
  • To set up lasting partnerships;
  • To share good practices;
  • To propose recommendations to the Executive committee in charge of implementing the plan. 


The High Council is made up of representatives of the political decision-makers from the ministries involved. 

New governance model for the GIMB NFP 2018-2025

The GIMB governance is composed of a multitude of actors in order to coordinate national efforts for the implementation of all the measures of the National Framework Plan (NFP). The links between the different NFP actors are shown in Figure 1 above. The ministries involved are responsible for setting up the High Council, the Executive Committee and the focal point teams. The ministries involved may be invited to the High Council as appropriate. The High Council communicates its decisions and visions to the Coordination Office and the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee and the Coordination Office work together and organise working groups. The members of the Executive Committee exchange with the focal point teams.

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