2019 GIMB National Day

The 2019 GIMB National Day took place on 22 October 2019. The event looked at the challenges to be overcome in healthy eating and regular, appropriate physical activity, while signposting guidance and support for young people. 

In the morning there were presentations on: 

  • How diets and physical activity have changed for Luxembourg's adolescents;
  • Recommendations for a nutritious diet, and factors specific to young people's diets;
  • Influential factors and areas for action to encourage interest, motivation and wellbeing in sport;
  • Overview of successful projects which were awarded the "Eat healthy, be more active" (Gesond iessen, Méi beweegen) Label in 2019. 

In the afternoon, there were  workshops where participants worked together to gather useful information and create a " practical ideas box ", promoting a balanced diet for adolescents with regular, appropriate physical activity for their wellbeing.


We would like to thank all speakers and participants for making the day such a success!

You can view all presentations and workshop findings below. HBSC  will publish the most recent study data.


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