Concept for motor-skills development, physical and sports education for children aged 0-12

The concept was developed by the Ministry of Sport and the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. Its purpose is to encourage, stimulate and support the motor skills and physical development of children aged 0-12.

Movement is the first and most basic form of expression in life. Mastering a range of movements is closely linked to the development of understanding, and both impact on one another.

Children's motor skills and sensory experiences help them to learn about themselves and the world around them. Child development requires the child to use all their senses together and link different sensory perceptions.

Every child needs to exercise on a daily basis. This is crucial to their personal development.

By exercise, we mean a one-off, structured activity which is often linked to the idea of a performance.

It is important to make the distinction here, given that the purpose of this concept is to encourage and support children with their motor development, encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and develop a balanced personality.

In an increasingly sedentary society (with all the risks that this brings), we must focus on factors which promote healthy physical and motor skills development in children.

For this purpose, we are recommending to the main stakeholders in this area, a framework which enables children to (a) meet their natural and innate need for exercise and (b) enjoy exercising.

The concept sets out the main stakeholders involved and the various action areas.

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