How ?

  • Water is the staple drink; this includes tap water, spring or mineral water and sparkling water.
  • Alternatives include unsweetened infusions and herbal/fruit teas.
  • Coffee, black and green tea all contain stimulants and should be consumed in moderation.

In hot weather, during physical activity or if you are suffering from a high temperature or diarrhoea, you will need to take in more liquid.

What about sugary drinks ?

Sugary drinks fall into the category of "extras" and should only be consumed occasionally.

The following should all be considered sugary drinks : fruit juices, nectars, juice-based drinks, fizzy drinks, sweetened iced teas, flavoured and sweetened milks, chocolate milk drinks and energy drinks.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are harmful to health and should be considered extras.

For healthy adults, low-risk alcohol consumption means not drinking more than:

  • 1 glass of beer (25cl) or wine (10cl) per day for women.
  • 2 glasses of beer (25cl) or wine (10cl) per day for men.


To avoid becoming alcohol-dependent, it is recommended that you have 2 or 3 alcohol-free days each week.

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